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Jewel of Nirel

Jewel of Nirel Tunufutol Book 3 by Ann Snizek Jewel of Nirel takes up right a few months after the events of Secret of the Shielded. Khevin and Krissa have grown closer together. Khevin, Krissa, and the gang are going on another adventure. This time without Pin after her injuries she sustained in their last […]

Book Review: The Star by Clemy Warner-Thompson

Book Review: The Star by Clemy Warner-Thompson

Today, presented by Around the Universe Tours, is the Blog Tour Stop of The Star by Clemy Warner-Thompson. I am reviewing the book here. Here is an excerpt from The Star: Nate signaled for her to move forward, watching as she did after a brief hesitation. She stopped several strides in front of him and […]

Blog Tour Schedule: Kilingiri by Janna Gray

 Official Tour ~ Kilingiri by Janna Gray  Sat, June 22 – Fri, July 5   Book Description: 1968, Srinagar, Kashmir and Nina is devastated by the death of her new-born baby girl. Sister Angela and Father Michael at the mission hospital step in to nurse Nina back to health but when the friendship between Nina […]

Crimson Clan Tour Stop: Fated Paranormals

Check out the wonderful review by KJ Partridge over at today’s Crimson Clan Blog Tour stop over at http://fatedparanormals.blogspot.com. She just loved the book and adored one of the most powerful characters in the entire cast of the Destiny Phoenix series. Check it out!

2nd spot on Crimson Clan tour

The 2nd spot for The Crimson Clan blog tour had a glitch today. It was to be hosted at Mark Knight Books.com by the wonderful author, himself of Blood Family-Quest for the Vampire Key. However, it is not. He may have it up later today. I will post and let you all know. Thank you […]

Destiny’s Crimson Clan Blog Tour

Destiny’s Crimson Clan Blog Tour

Freaky Fiction Writing presents: Destiny’s Crimson Clan Tour May 6 Welcome and Cover Reveal May 7 Mark Knight Hosts May 8 Stephen Ormsby Hosts May 9 Sabina Bundgaard m http://dangerousromance.com May 10 Carol Bond (Ellen Mae Franklin) http://theunseenpromise.com May 13 Jodie Pierce hosts p http://www.jodiepierceauthor.blogspot.com May 14 KJ Partridge m http://fatedparanormals.blogspot.com May 15 Suzanne de […]