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Warrior 4

Radi Technor and Felor Gunnastram awaken in a grassy knoll a long way away from home. They grab their heads in extreme pain. Quizzically, Radi and Felor look upon one another aghast. They had no clue where they are.

Felor looks around and then speaks to Radi, “Where are we, Radi?”

“I don’t know, Felor,” Radi says as he picks himself up off the ground. He, then, in turns helps Felor to his feet.

Both look around at where they arrived. They are in a grassy knoll in the midst of DeVeres Park in Midtown Storm City. People walking on the path look at the two Chonarians with a mixture of curiosity and fear.

“I don’t think we’re on Chronos anymore, Radi,” Felor says looking at the way the people here dressed. “What weird style of dress.”

“I’m sure they think the same of us, Felor. I think it’s best we seek shelter until we can come up with a plan.”


Both Radi and Felor made their way through the streets as quickly as possible over to a nearby shelter, The Ray of Life Mission. And they were taken in.


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