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Release of The Star by Clemy Warner-Thompson


Today, presented by Around the Universe Tours, is the release day blitz of The Star by Clemy Warner-Thompson.

Here is an excerpt from The Star:

The Star Front Cover v3Nate signaled for her to move forward, watching as she did after a brief hesitation. She stopped several strides in front of him and waited for him to speak. “How many windows are there?”

Not really understanding the relevance of counting windows, Abbii turned to count them.


Startled by Nate’s outburst, she glared at him, more out of shock than malice.

“Without turning.” He watched as confusion took over her face. “Close your eyes and focus on the energy of the sunlight beaming through the glass.”

Abbii shuffled in her place, not really understanding, but when Nate smiled, she did as she was asked. She closed her eyes, immediately feeling self conscious that Nate’s gaze was focused onto her.

“Clear your mind of everything else. Think of somewhere you feel calm.”

Keeping her eyes closed, Abbii took in Nate’s statement. She felt her heartbeat increase and her breath seemed shallow, but as she relaxed her shoulders, the rest of her body seemed to follow. She listened to the faint breeze that circled through the large space, hearing leaves pitter-pattering against the wooden floor.

“Anywhere you feel calm.”

Although her mind was full of questions and worries and a fear that she would lose herself, Abbii found that an image began to form in her head. Bursts of blue and silver light soothed her, and once the image had focused, she realised why. She could see the lake at The Everglades, with the moon reflected clearly upon its surface. The stars were shining brightly, and the air was still. The feeling of calm C. Warner-Thompsonwhich enveloped her felt uplifting.

“Now keep that feeling inside of you and focus onto the light of the sun.”

Not at all distracted by Nate’s words, Abbii kept hold of the calmness inside of her and expanded her mind in some way, feeling the energy of the sunlight. She could feel its warmth and the way it passed through the glass of the bay windows. The years of dirt and dust made no difference; the power of the sunlight beamed through it without faltering.

“How many are there, Abbii?”

Realising that she could sense several different areas of the sunlight’s energy, Abbii realised that each one represented one of the windows.

There are eight.


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