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Postponement for The Crimson Clan

 English V 2 Cover CC 002The Crimson Clan

by David R Bennett

Spring, TX May 28, 2013.

On the heels of its release on Friday the 31st, The Crimson Clan, has shown cracks in its armor. There are some areas of the book that were neglected by the author and the original editor. Unfortunate for Freaky Fiction Writing’s first book to get published.

The first novel in the YA series, The Destiny Phoenix Saga will have some delays in release.The English version in eBook will be released on Friday as scheduled. However, the other formats print (all languages) and the foreign languages in the eBooks will be delayed for at least a month to polish the book overall. The author himself apologizes for the delay in this. But he told us here at Freaky Fiction Magazine that he will make sure that, with the help of Freaky Fiction Writing editor Penelope A Bartotto, the novel in the series and ever subsequent novel written afterwards will not late or postponed. David does not want to alienate any fan base that he is beginning to build. He feels strongly about keeping his work polished and getting it out on time with a great quality to it.


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