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Warrior 3

Radi Technor has been working hard for the past few months on the rebel’s secret weapon. Only Radi and his assistant, Felor, know the true purpose of the “weapon”.

Felor turns towards Radi as he rubs his forehead, “So, do you think it’s going to work this time?”

Radi looks up after recalibrating the chronometer in the device. “Let’s hope so!”

Radi, then, tosses the secondary chronojumper to Felor. He nods at his young brown headed assistant. Both type into the device their projected coordinates (in time and space).

“Now!” Radi says aloud as both he and Felor tap the activate button on their devices.

Both Radi and Felor disappear. It appears to be a success. But at the time of their reappearance the jump station computer memory falters causing a meltdown in the lab of the deutrinium. The deutrinium explodes destroying the lab and everything within.

General Rath Clayborne hears the Time Faction Research and Development Facility explode from microls (miles) away. A stunned look crosses his face.

“Radi, Felor, they were in the building.” The general says falling to his feet. “What have I done?”

To be continued…


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