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Piper Levine 2 Cover Reveal

Graciously Eris Kelli is allowing me to be the first to show this to the world. Here it is for all the world to see. Freaky Fiction Magazine and Eris Kelli present to you the cover to Piper LeVine, The Path of Betrayal:


Also, she allows us to show you the First Chapter of Piper LeVine, The Path of Betrayal:

“So.” Katrine forced a smile as she readjusted her skirt and herself on the couch for the hundredth time. “You say you grew up just in the next town?” I watched as my mother’s blue eyes went back to his shoes.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Nicholas answered with an unwavering smile and those dark chocolate eyes that overflowed with self-assurance and a dash of arrogance. “I’ve been asking to meet you, but Piper wanted to wait.” He took my hand in his, which was warm and strong while mine was cold and clammy.

I could see her eyes fill with alarm at Nicholas’ holding my hand. She did not see in the least what I saw in him. It was too bad I couldn’t tell Katrine he was considered royalty to the gypsies, though that probably wouldn’t impress her anyway.

Nor could I tell her that he was a werewolf. Or that I knew he loved me enough to die for me, he almost had. Katrine would freak out if she knew I’d spent this last summer getting to know my birth mother. She would go into cardiac arrest if she knew that I’d come from gypsy royalty and was now the rope in a tug of war between my birth parents, my mother a gypsy queen and my father a Scottish Vampire known as a Baobhan Sith.

“You work as a ranch hand at the sanctuary. That can’t leave you with much spending money.” She tapped her red lips with her fingertips. “I can’t pretend to see what the two of you have in common.”


“I think it’s cruel to lead someone on, Piper.” She leaned forward. “It’s one thing to have a summer romance, but the summer is coming to an end.”

“Money is not a problem for me, Mrs. LeVine.” Nicholas leaned forward with the same smile still on his face. “When I marry your daughter it will never be a problem for her either.” The blood drained from Katrine’s face, and she looked at me wide eyed. “I can promise you that I will treat your daughter better than any man ever could.”

“Cool it, Nicholas.” For heaven’s sake, he was only supposed to meet my parents and make a good impression.

Nicholas ignored my directions and continued as Katrine’s mouth continued to drop further open in horror. “I’m sure we’ll give you lots of beautiful grandchildren as soon as Piper and I make it official.” Now I could tell he was just trying to tick her off.

Well, after that I had to make Nicholas let himself be thrown out. Next I was given an earful, first from Katrine and then from my father Harold who’d missed the introduction but still felt he had the right to tell me how wrong Nicholas was for me.

A week later, and only one week until my senior year began, I was having to endure time with people I generally couldn’t stand to be around. It was just another party for my father, the senator, full of his supporters and wealthy snobs he wished were his supporters. I found myself being led around the dance floor by a young man named Sigmund, who was supposed to be one of the social elites. Katrine was taking every opportunity she could to try to replace Nicholas.

“I’ve already dated most of the women in our circle.” He was leering down at me, and I wondered how Katrine could think this guy was even comparable to Nicholas. “I’ve been waiting to get a shot at you, but you spend so much time at that zoo.”

“It’s an animal sanctuary.”

“Right.” He had this glazed look in his eyes that guys get when they think they’ve got some chemistry going on with you but in actuality, it’s just a bunch of raging hormones. “Let’s go out onto the terrace.” I laughed knowing that was the last place we could possibly go as I was sure Nicholas was out there watching and ready to tear Sigmund to shreds.

He was always watching because he was as afraid as I was that the Baobhans weren’t going to keep their distance for long. When the truce had been made between the Gypsies and Baobhans, I had promised to consider being turned into a Baobhan. It was only a matter of time before they came around.


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One comment on “Piper Levine 2 Cover Reveal

  1. Looks really good, love that cover.

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