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Light of the New Age 2

It has been 5 years since Helios joined the Dawnriders as a squire. In that time he served faithfully under Lord Pathos-Raan, who paid handsomely and moved Helios and his mother to his home.

However, Lord Pathos-Raan treated Helios more like a son than just an ordinary squire. Helios always considered himself lucky to be under such a man.

Lord Everon Pathos-Raan is a kind hearted man, strong, brave, and loyal to the High Priestess, Bilandria. Everon, early this past year, lost the love of his life, Iona, in a tragic accident with a stallion named Bravefire. Bravefire was frightened by the Chula Warriors who crossed his land while Iona was riding on his back, the stallion bucked and threw her off. Iona landed on a nearby boulder which cracked open her head.

Helios had come to have some affection for Iona. He referred to her as second mother. Twice in the life of Helios the Chula Warriors took someone dear from him. The young man began to become more furious and angry with the world.

A month later, however, he met a young maiden in the garden as he guarded his mother by orders of Lord Pathos-Raan. This young maiden’s name was Daenira. Her golden locks mesmerized Helios as the sun broke through the clouds over the mountainside. To him she was the most beautiful creature on all of Rithania.

Daenira was enamored with Helios, as well, but she held a secret from her beloved that she dare not tell for fear of her life. She wanted no harm to come to the Temple residents and guardians. It pained her to see those in her land suffer. Then, one night she disappeared from the protection of the Temple’s outer walls.


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