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Warrior 2

The bug warriors and Radi Technor enter the Time Faction Research and Development building. This building is a secret military weapons testing facility.

Radi is shoved down a long corridor with a couple of doors on either side.
He moves his arms back and forth to get free from their grip.

“Where do you think you’re going, Technor,” the Kornokovian Shocktrooper asks the genius.

“Wherever you take me. Just allow me a little freedom to walk normally.”

“Fine,” another says as all the Shocktroopers have their rifles trained on him.

They continue down the white walled corridor until they dead end at an intersection. One of the troopers nudges him to his left.

They all turn and continue on about forty feet before stopping inside a large warehouse-like room. A figure emerges from the shadows. It is the head of the facility, General Rath Clayborne.

“Welcome, Radi!” He says with glee in his voice.

“Rath Clayborne. Should have known. What do you want?”

“The same as you, an end to this war.”

“Your government is corrupt. The Time Faction is killing the people of Chronos for no reason.”

“Very aware of that, son. That’s why we need your help.”

“What kind of help,” Radi asks with his arms crossed and a furrowed brow.

“We need a way to go back in time and stop Justice Kom Lithgemin from ever coming to power.”

This intrigues Radi. He rubs his chin in thought of the General’s proposal.

“But this place is under constant surveillance,” Technor says. “How do you propose I get the work done here, under their noses.”

“That’s why I chose here. A place that is heavily shielded from all types of surveillance equipment. No one will disturb you.”

“And the supplies I will need?”

“You let us worry about that. Just let me know what you need and I’ll get them.”

“Alright, I’m in.”

The two, then, shake each other’s forearms in seal the agreement. An agreement which will change everyone’s lives permanently.

To Be Continued…


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