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The Vampire Queen series by Jodie Pierce

The Vampire Queen, The Vampire Chronicles, and The Demise of the Vampire Queen tell the story of the rise and fall of the Countess de Lourdes, aka the Vampire Queen.

It shows three separate portions if her life from her slumber/ awakening cycle to the purifying of vampiric blood throughout the world to her time as Headmistress of a school for non-humans in Scotland.

Jodie Pierce weaves a tale that is hard to put down. Her writing is fluid and very pleasing to the eye. Although, the story is not continuous between the last two books as it us with the first two books, they still work really well together.

I give a five star ranking on this series. You begin by feeling sympathy for the Countess in the first novel, but as the story goes on and the Queen feels heartbreak after heartbreak you realize that your sympathy turns to contempt knowing all well that in the end she falls or does she? The last book never shows her destruction just her fall from grace.

Will she show up again? Who knows. Jodie shall decide.


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