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Light of the New Age 1

The Dawnriders make their way down the mountain side in the land of Rithonia. They are headed towards the Temple of Penelosia, the Goddess of the Dawn.

The riders are all cloaked in light green and are upon the back of Gallosaurs, large rooster-like reptilian creatures the stand up on their back legs. The riders arrive back from their patrol of the surrounding area to protect the temple.

The temple is not only their place of worship, but also their home. A young boy named Helios walks out of his cabin as the Dawnriders return. He waves at them as they go by.

When I’m old enough, I will be a Dawnrider!

This determination is what the Dawnriders deem an exceptional quality. They, also, deem bravery and honesty to be two truly honorable qualities as well.

Helios walks back into his cabin daydreaming of adventures as a Dawnrider. His mother is in the kitchen cooking breakfast. The smell wafts through the air from the kitchen. The dark curly haired boy smells the breakfast and his stomach growls.

“Mama, it smells wonderful,” he tells his mother as she begins to put the plates of food on the table.

“Get washed up,” she tells Helios.

“When’s papa gonna return?”

“Shortly,” his mother responds as Helios washes his hands in the sink.

Then, as Helios sits down at the table to eat his breakfast, there is a rapping on their wooden door. Mathia, Helios’ mother, goes to the door.

She opens the door and sees two of the Elite Guard of the High Priestess stand before her.

“What’s going on,” she asks them.

“May we enter,” asks the guard on her left, Jafeth.

“Come right in,” she responds as her curiosity peaks. Where is Gambon?

Mathia leads them from the door over to some couches near the dining room table.

Where’s papa? And why are the Elite Guard here? This cannot be good. Helios thought to himself as he chomped down in the givara steak.

“We have news you need to hear, ma’am,” Sabrac, the other guard sats to Mathia. “This will not be easy to hear.”

“Sabrac, what’s this about?”

“Gambon was killed last night during a raid by Chula Warriors.”

“No,” she says breaking down. Mathia begins to breakdown. She sobs with her head in her hands.

Helios jumps away from the table and runs over to his mother. He puts his arms around her.

“What’s wrong, mama?”

“It’s papa, baby,” Mathia says looking sadly at her son. “He’s …. gone, baby.”

“What do you mean, mama? Is papa coming home?”

“No, baby, papa’s not coming home,” she says sadly to Helios.

That makes me the man of the house, now. I guess it is time to may acquaintance with the Dawnriders. Maybe start as a squire. Papa, I will make you proud.


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