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Warrior Part 1

On the planet of Chronos a young man named Radi Technor is wondering the streets of the capital city of Gellifret. The blond haired gentleman is on the way to meet some of his friends in a local cafe. But before he is able to turn the corner to head down Nivel Street towards the cafe, Radi is grabbed and stuffed in a green hovering van. the van speeds away from the scene rather quickly.

Radi, a scientist and trained warrior, struggles to get out of his bonds. A captor dressed in black and silver bug-like armor looks at him.

“Don’t resist, Technor,” he says through the speaker in his helmet. “The more you resist the tighter your bonds get. We will reach our destination shortly.”

“I demand you release me at once, bug!’ Radi screams at the armored warrior.

“Such guile from one who just uses his brain.” chides another warrior from the front.

“I am much more than just a scientist,” he says as his anger swells. “You will rue this day. Mark my words.”

“I seriously doubt that,” the lead warrior says as the van slows down and comes to a halt. “We have arrived, Technor.”

“Where are we?”

“You shall see soon enough.” the lead warrior says as the two others open the side door. Radi is thrown into the other two warriors by their leader. “Take him away.”

Radi looks up and a look of shock and horror comes across his face.

“No. It can’t be,” he mutters as he is shoved forward.

“Yes, it can,” the leader says putting his pulse rifle into the back of Radi Technor. “Now move.”

A shadow falls over Radi Technor and the three warriors as they walk into the building.

To be continued…


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